Gabby’s Animal Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill, foster based animal rescue located in Visalia, CA.  We are in a heavily overpopulated area of California where the local municipal shelters have a constant stream of strays and unwanted animals and low adoption rates, that unfortunately gives them high euthanasia rates.  We do our best to help alleviate this problem by taking in as many furry friends that owner/ operator, Gabrielle Enns, and her loving fosters can handle.  Our volunteers open their homes and pour their time and love into caring for animals that are in need of temporary care while we find their forever homes.  We have no paid staff and no government funding- we rely solely on our volunteers and generous donors to continue our mission! Thank you for stopping by! 

What We Do

  • Provide a home for animals: Gabby finds homes for hundreds of dogs and cats every year. She rescues them from county shelter kill lists, or through direct surrender from owners who can no longer provide these animals a home.
  • Spay and neuter– Every animal that comes through our rescue is spayed or neutered before adoption. Spaying and neutering saves lives!
  • Provide health care– Sadly, many of the animals that come to us have been neglected. We get them the treatment and medication they need to get healthy.
  • Recruit loving families to serve as foster parents– There are so many animals in need! That’s where our network of foster families come in. They take in animals, and feed, shelter, and love them until a permanent home is found.
  • Search for forever homes: We require an adoption fee and a commitment to providing training for younger dogs before we send an animal to their new home. We screen our adoptive parents carefully to make sure they can provide our animals the home they deserve.
  • Adoption Events: We work with partners Petco and Petsmart and animal shelters across the state and in Oregon to share our adoptable animals with the public and reach a larger audience.

Our 2019 Impact

596 cats and dogs spayed or neutered

Permanent homes found for 410 cats and 86 dogs

$55,000 in vet bills to nurse our animals back to health and get them adoption ready

See our Impact Report for more details

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